729 plays Unbelievable Khalil A Long Story Short

Everyone download the first leak from “A Long Story Short” EP! It’s called “Unbelievable” 

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Khalil: A Long Story Short (Episode One)

gottabethecupcakeess asked:
Hey Khalil!(you may not respond but imma write to you anyways) I just like to tell you how much I appreciate you and your music. Even though you're still an upcoming artist you will always have Team Khalil to help and support your music, buying countless albums and promoting you. Thank you for everything you've done so far and for the future. Your work is appreciate by those who recognize real talent, that's what you have. I will forever be apart of team khalil....love from your fan in Australia

Luv!!! Thanks for holding me down in Australia. I’ll be out there soon enough! Keep supporting for #TeamKhalil, lots of new stuff coming soon. 

Anonymous asked:
Khalil <3 You're so cute <3 can you please do a ustream like sooooooon? :)

Definitely going to Ustream when I drop a new song next week! Stay tuned…

Anonymous asked:
when will you drop new music, i miss your sensual voice

I’m leaking a few songs from the EP next week. Just waiting on the mixes right now. Can’t wait for #TeamKhalil to hear them!